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Ube is not the prettiest, but it is definitely the most delicious when it's in good hands.  Ube transforms into Ube Halaya. It is a Filipino dessert that takes a lot of time to prepare, about six hours of slow continuous stirring. It starts with minimal ingredients consisting of coconut, milk products and ube. When it’s cooked you can incorporate it to other desserts. The flavor is sweet but subtle and the consistency is like a thick, dense jam. 

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We are committed to using fresh, high end ingredients!

Ube Area believes in small batch baking and providing top quality sweets and pastries with no shortcuts. Whether creating an Ube Flan, a tray of freshly baked Ube Bars, or mixing up a batch of crinkle cookies. Our passion is rooted from traditional Ube Halaya modernized to enhance desserts made from our family to yours. 

Have an event or a large party? We can cater to you.


We also provide custom design confections for our events. Have a large party or event? Hosting clients from out of town? Or just want to make an impact or say thank you to your customers or employees? Custom logo replication, delivery options and gift packaging available. Give us a call and let us help you drive your party to the next level! Quantity discounts may apply.

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